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Deb Mazzaferro, Consultant

Once you have launched, there are numerous decisions to make regarding which retailers’ deals are going to make you money. CoachMaz has a process to evaluate the costs of doing business and determining which ones are good deals and which you should pass on so you don’t get burnt. There are often unknown costs (to those new to the industry) that are a BIG surprise when you get the bill. BE PREPARED!

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Sue Engelhart - Public Relations

Sue Engelhart

If you are looking for broader awareness of your company and products within the specialty food trade as you pursue market penetration regionally or nationally, Sue’s professional public relations services can help you­. Newsworthy articles placed with media in the specialty food and other trade channels can continue to build your name as a trusted brand with retailers, distributors, and category managers, positioning your company to capitalize on sales opportunities.

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Anita Comisky, MBA

This is the stage when cash becomes tight. You are trying to grow as quickly as you can and not run out of money. Anita will help you manage your cash by building a cash flow model that gives you the tool so you can effectively manage your growth. Using the cash flow model, she will then help you build a budget and then guide you to operate within that budget.

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Susie Wyshak, Business Strategist

Susie Wyshak, Business Strategist

Position your food business for growth with organic marketing and writing that sells.

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Susie Hoeller, Food & Beverage Attorney

Susie Hoeller, Food & Beverage Attorney

This is the time to go beyond mere legal and regulatory compliance and implement a strategy to develop a leading and trusted brand. In addition to up to date regulatory counseling, Attorney Susie Hoeller can help you negotiate more favorable contract terms with both your supply chain and your channels to market. As you develop innovative marketing and advertising messages, Susie can guide you on the legal aspects.



Jerry Houston

Jerry Houston

Jerry Houston is the founder and CEO of HPISolutions, an organization dedicated to unlocking the power of human potential.  This full service provider, in business for 25+ years is an expert in helping you get your team where it needs to be to support your growing business.  In addition to assessments that will help your team grow and work together, we offer job benchmarking to identify what each job needs behaviorally, and then have the ability to match candidates to those behavioral requirements.

We also recognize that your organization has most likely moved beyond the status of a stage one company.  We are experts in Stages of Growth identification and strategy.  We can help you determine if you have accomplished all of the steps in the previous stage and those in the current stage…preparing for the next stage.



NetWeave Social Networking

NetWeave Social Networking

NetWeave can create a social media presence for you or takeover and optimize your existing social media to make a splash. Build online demand with consistent social media growth and drive traffic to your online sales venue. Show retailers that your brand brings an audience with it wherever it goes. If you prefer to do-it-yourself, NetWeave can audit your social media program to show you where your opportunities lie. We can also train your staff to create more impact on social.

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Elsie Gilmore - WordPress websites

Solid Red Studios

Solid Red Studios can analyze your current website and advise whether it’s workable as is, needs a face-lift or should be scrapped in favor of starting over fresh. Added functionality can help you engage with your customers. Your website should work for you as a marketing tool, and Solid Red Studios can help you achieve that. Your site is also a valuable asset. Is it secure? Do you make regular backups? Feel safe with a monthly maintenance plan.

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The Food Connector

Deep dive into metrics, budget, media buying, analytics with a list of recommendations for power growth.

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You’ve got a specialty food business online and rolling, and now you are looking for smart ways to streamline your digital marketing effort. Great. That’s where Webdirexion can really help you. One way we do this is to “triple leverage” your content with blog posts optimized for organic SEO + an automated push of content out to Social Media + an automated monthly newsletter about your latest food projects and promotions. You can almost set it and forget it, though some direct interaction in social media — to be, well, social — is recommended. We have a seasoned team of marketing specialists and editors who will consult with you and do as much of the work as you need and your budget allows. Our FREE download gives you more information about our R.A.C.E. (Reach. Act. Convert. Engage.) marketing model approach, plus a top level marketing checklist and 25 CRO ­­ Conversion Rate Optimization ­­ tips from our recently published guide on the same subject.

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Obtaining working capital from a bank is next to impossible for an emerging company that has loads of potential but very little credit history. The answer lies in unlocking the cash that’s tied up in your commercial receivables. BeneFactor Funding Corp will help your business grow with funds from our fast and flexible account receivable purchase programs. Factoring is a good financing option for companies in the Specialty Food business that have regular recurring receivables. With factoring, the business (known as the Client) sells accounts receivable to the Factor in exchange for funding. With funds from BeneFactor, you can manage all of the issues which result from your growth and success: payroll for existing and new employees, the purchase of supplies (with the opportunity for cash discounts), cash requirements for new contracts and customers, and general working capital needs. Once you are set up with BeneFactor, we will usually fund you within a few hours of receiving your invoices.

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Michael Adams

Michael Adams

Whether you make your product in your house, rent a kitchen, or hire a co-packer, you have to not only know your costs, but control them. When the price of ingredients increases, you need to know how that impact your costs – and ultimately your price on the shelf. Michael will help guide you through that process.

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Silver Creative

Silver Creative

You have had success selling your product online and at the local level, now a high profile store is interested in your product. Congrats! We’ve seen this with many other brands and from our experience, this is the right time to review your strategic design and communication strategy. Do you have the right packaging? Will your brand stand out on a store shelf? Are you telling your brand’s story in a clear and concise way? Put your best look forward with a creative design and strategic messaging that multiplies your sales growth.

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Congratulations! You’ve made it through some of the hardest stages of any business, let alone the rough and tumble world of specialty food production. Now that you are growing and dealing with larger and more nationally-focused customers, you’ll be asked to be prepared for mock recalls, prove you can trace your ingredients and which products they were used in, have paperwork handy for food safety audits and so on. At this stage of your food business, you’ll need to organize your production workflows to better track costs and performance and have a lot-tracking scheme in place that works for your growing staff. How you do this effectively depends on your type of company and which tools you are comfortable with. Download a FREE whitepaper that outlines some your choices, and the pros and cons of each choice.

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Rival Brands

Despite being small or new, you are witnessing something great happening to your food business. You can see it. You are on the road to becoming a future strong brand. For many brands in this position, you’re realizing that the branding work you did that got you out the door and selling isn’t going to hold up
under the weight of higher expectations from your customer and YOU! For emerging brands to grow, there needs to be a clearer and more unified portrayal of your brand across all touchpoints. This growth initiative may be facilitated by an EVOLUTION or REVOLUTION of your current brand identity, packaging and messaging. We can audit and assess your position and help you decide.

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