For start-up food businesses readying to go to market


Deb Mazzaferro, Consultant

CoachMaz helps you turn your specialty food vision into a business by setting realistic sales goals for the first 3-5 years. You can work with a SCORE mentor, the SBA, Quickbooks experts, and branding companies, but unless you have a specialty food insider to help shape your product, you’ll make costly mistakes. Understand the nuances of the specialty food sales process and you’ll reach your financial goals much faster. Having a product without a sales strategy is like having a bar of soap and no water.

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Anita Comisky, MBA

Now is the time to establish an accounting system and not after you have been in business for months. Anita will set up your accounting software, build your chart of accounts and customize the reporting. In addition, she will help you analyze your costs and help you price your product.

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Susie Hoeller, Food & Beverage Attorney

Susie Hoeller, Food & Beverage Attorney

Don’t make the mistake of starting your new food business without first understanding the legal and regulatory requirements. The food and beverage industry is highly regulated to protect consumer health and safety. Failure to have proper labeling or food safety processes can derail your business. This is not what you want to happen. Attorney Susie Hoeller can help you “do it right the first time.”



Susie Wyshak, Business Strategist

Susie Wyshak, Business Strategist

Get expert, affordable naming, writing and promotional support on your road to success.

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Sue Engelhart - Public Relations

Sue Engelhart

First impressions are important, particularly when it comes to securing precious shelf or case space for your new products. A public relations program to place newsworthy articles about your company and products in trade media can be a cost effective way to create awareness. A professional public presence in the media can let retailers, distributors, and other specialty food decision makers know that your “fresh face” is appealing to, and on trend with, today’s consumers. Sue can help you discover the power of PR, even if you’re on a tight budget.

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Jerry Houston

Jerry Houston

Jerry is the founder and CEO of HPISolutions, an organization dedicated to unlocking the power of human potential. This full service provider, in business for 25 + years is an expert in helping you and your team understand themselves and others through a full suite of assessment tools designed to bring out the best in our clients and their teams.



NetWeave Social Networking

NetWeave Social Networking

NetWeave can setup and manage your social media. Quickly build brand buzz with aggressive social media growth. Create demand for your product directly with consumers and also show retailers your brand can captivate customers. If you prefer to do-it-yourself, NetWeave can audit your social media program to show you where your opportunities lie. We can also train your staff to create more impact on social.

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Elsie Gilmore - WordPress websites

Solid Red Studios

Your initial website presence should be professional and functional. It should showcase your business, be simple for visitors to navigate and provide functionality that helps you do business and provides value to your customers. Solid Red Studios can walk you through the process of building your website, along with helping you understand your website’s ongoing needs.

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The Food Connector

A digital marketing audit to assess marketing presence, brand awareness, and digital footprint. We offer a list of recommendations for next steps.

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So you got the green light to go ahead and start your business? It’s an exciting time and we will work with you to first develop a smart strategy for digital marketing and advertising, then execute same for you so that you are all set up in the the three major areas: 1) Inbound Marketing: Generally this covers online PPC ads, and social media 2) Content Marketing: Blog marketing, CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization), SEO, and shopping cart optimization. 3) Marketing Automation: now you have leads and customers… what are some smart ways to automate follow ups? Our team will determine the right set of tactics to meet your budget and assist with a smart marketing plan if you don’t yet have one. Our FREE download gives you more information about our R.A.C.E. (Reach. Act. Convert. Engage.) marketing model approach, plus a top level marketing checklist and 25 CRO ­­ Conversion Rate Optimization ­­ tips from our recently published guide on the same subject.

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Michael Adams

Michael Adams

Don’t want to spend your Saturday in a shared community kitchen? Michael will help you figure out if co-packing your food product is right for you, what to expect financially, and how to get off on the right foot with your manufacturing partner.

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Silver Creative

Silver Creative

Packaging is your brand’s first impression, and if it’s a bad one, it may be the last. Does your packaging create interest and emotional appeal? Does it correctly convey your brand communication strategy? Does it make you want to pick it up? The right design and communication plan will create brand recognition and brand ambassadors, which in turn will increase sales. If consumers love it, they’ll tell two friends and so on. Silver Creative Group has a tried and true methodology to create your engaging brand story. In fact, our team has over a decade of experience crafting unique brand packaging designs and communication strategies.

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At this stage, you’ve made the crucial decision to launch your food product to the public and are on the way to a legion of loyal customers. Do you know how much to charge for your product, and how that price will be perceived by your target audience? Do you have a strategy in place for keeping tabs on the cost to produce your product? Big companies use ERP (enterprise resource planning) software to help them with this, and that could be an option for you now. But if you’re comfortable with the math and some data entry, there are other options – from simple spreadsheets to hiring someone to help. Being disciplined about knowing your costs and tracking your ingredients carefully now will serve you well in the long run. Download a FREE whitepaper that outlines some of your choices, and the pros and cons of each choice.

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Rival Brands

Make no mistake, it’s an incredibly difficult task to launch and grow a successful food or beverage business, but the barriers have never been lower. And organizations like Rival Brands are here to help get entrepreneurs and their start-ups the advantage they need to excel with the retailer and customer alike. We have over 25 years of CPG branding experience with a specialty of working with food and beverage brands. We can start with naming your brand
if you’re at that early-stage. Or we can jump directly into brand development and identity design, compelling packaging that commands attention, a website that gives you your digital home, or any number of on-brand assets like photography, copywriting, and collateral material. If a tradeshow is part of your launch plan we can help there too.

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