Client Testimonials

Hi Deb, (AKA CoachMaz)

I had my debrief with Laura (at HPI solutions) this past week and things have changed quite a bit. I know I have worked hard on myself, but I also want to give you a lot of credit at really working with me and helping me to find my way in this position and to work with Bill and me to move (us) forward using new, different, disruptive and innovative techniques. The proof is in the numbers and you deserve a lot of credit.

A heartfelt thank you


VP Sales

I have worked with Deb for over 10 years. She has coached me from the beginning of my career in the Specialty Food Industry as a Customer Service Specialist to achieve my goals of becoming a National Sales Manager. She has challenged me to think outside the box, offering ideas and suggestions to help me achieve my goals and our company goals. Deb has years of experience and contacts in this industry and can provide a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of starting or owning a business.


Midwest Regional Sales Director

I’ve worked with Deb for the past year. Deb provides the full range of services for my growing food company – from sourcing and operations ideas, to making sale intros, to helping me run my business by the numbers. Plugging into Deb’s extensive network has given my company a leg up and our growth has been accelerated through hard work and Deb’s expertise – helping us grow intelligently, sustainably and quickly. Her extensive network is a tremendous help for a new food brand – I don’t know how other companies grow without Deb’s help!



My experience with Deb Mazzaferro:

People ask me all the time, “How did you get started in this business?”

I usually jock with them and say, “If you were to ask me five years ago if I thought I would be doing this for a living now, I would have thought you were nuts.”

Let me tell you, if it wasn’t for Deb, I wouldn’t be doing this for a living. I got into this business with a recipe and an idea. I thought I was going to sell Green Chile Chicken Soup nationwide. Boy was I in for a surprise! I soon realized that there was much more to bringing a product to market than an idea.

Then I ran into Deb, and she taught me the business. Her instinct and insight were invaluable, and I was hungry to learn. She is well connected in the industry, and I continue to benefit from the people she has introduced me to.

Deb is a straight shooter, not for the squeamish. She calls it like she sees it. You get an honest, upfront opinion without any fluff. I don’t think I would be here without her.

Marc Gelinas

Comida Loca, Inc.

Private Reserve has been working with Deb Mazzaferro as our sales consultant since 2005. Deb has been extremely thorough, easy to work with and has the greatest analytical mind I have ever experienced. Deb takes the time to investigate your organization, the methodically shows you your strengths and weaknesses, then helps build a plan for change. At times the process was frustrating, but the reality is, her program and coaching work.

Bonnie Frese

President, Private Reserve

We at Olivado are absolutely delighted that you have elected to continue to offer us the services of Deb Mazzaferro under your New Zealand Trade and Enterprise Beachhead Program.

We have been utilizing the consultation services of Deb Mazzaferro for the past 8 months, and have come to rely greatly on her judgment and expertise.

When we originally began the coaching program, I was a bit skeptical, as I am a long term industry professional with an expertise in the sales and marketing of edible oils, my company’s main product line. I soon discovered though, that a background in the Supermarket Dry Grocery Category did not adequately provide me a database of knowledge and understanding that would successfully equip me for the intricacies of navigating the world of Specialty Foods.

Deb Mazzaferro, with her long-term background and experience in the Specialty Food category, was uniquely qualified to offer me the necessary insights and suggestions that enabled me to successfully market my products to this very viable and unique segment of the marketplace. Her contacts within the buying community, as well as her in-depth knowledge of the brokers and distributors that service this
segment of the industry is extreme and far reaching, and have made her an indispensable asset to our company as well as to myself. She is a pleasure to deal with, has great insights and talents, and I applaud you for offering a professional of her caliber as a member of your team.

I thank you for providing us this indispensable service and look forward to our next series of coaching and consultations with CoachMaz.

Neal Albert

Vice President- Sales & Marketing, Olivado USA

Having Deb come on board as a business coach has been the best business decision I’ve made. I only wish I had found her earlier! She has been instrumental in helping us with every aspect of Milo’s growth. Key areas in which she’s provided invaluable service include understanding pricing, evaluating promotions, working with distributors, writing contracts, and setting broker/rep expectations, to name just a very few. She’s incredibly honest with us and challenges many our my preconceived ideas and strategies, and has made an enormous difference in the direction and growth of Milo’s.

Jonathan Milo Leal

Founder, Milo's