Coaching for Your Specialty Food Business

Coach Maz designed this one-on-one program to help you focus on what’s important. Together we’ll develop customized strategies for growth and profitability. Coach Maz is your partner. Working collaboratively with an experienced specialty food expert (who brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, analytical skills and humor to the table) gives you the opportunity and the confidence to take your business to the next level. We’ll use assessments to build on your personal strengths and best business practices to develop your competitive edge.

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is a customized program for a business owner/operator. Its objective is to advance the company’s growth by:

  • understanding the current situation,
  • defining specific opportunities,
  • setting goals and
  • implementing a strategic plan.

Ongoing evaluation of sales and marketing strategies ensures focus and delivers the desired results. Evaluations of results at regular intervals help you manage your team and maintain their accountability to maximize results.

Coaching sales executives

Put your new or exiting sales manager on the fast track with the benefit of a coach. Even the most productive sales professionals benefit from having a coach help them to see themselves and their opportunities more clearly. By completely defining specific objectives, timelines and activities are easily assessed. Accountability, commitment and persistence are the keys to extraordinary sales growth. Understanding gross margin and budgeting ensures profitable sales growth.

Coaching inside sales departments

An outbound sales effort is extremely important in tracking ROI of your marketing dollars. You should be tracking leads from various marketing activities and asking for reorders from existing accounts.
If you don’t have an inside sales department, Coach Maz can help you evaluate whether this is an effective way of communicating with your customers, and then set up software, hire personnel, and train them in best practices.

Coaching can improve the productivity of your inside sales force. Sales personnel are trained to use CRM (contact relationship management) software so they never miss a call, and will be able to track sales results for each account and prospect. Inside salespeople also learn effective selling techniques, report writing, and how to overcome objections.

Coaching marketing teams to build brands

Designed for marketing personnel who create brand identity, develop strong brand recognition and ensure support of the sales effort. Coaching assists in developing and implementing a strategic marketing plan. It covers the importance of synergy between label design, collateral material, trade show presence, print media PR, and social media.

Coaching for start-ups

New to the specialty food business? Flabbergasted by the terminology? What is OI, TPR, MCB, FOB, free fill, and slotting allowance? What is the difference between a broker and a distributor? Do I need either or both?

Coach Maz explains the answers in plain English while helping you to evaluate which options are best for your unique situation. Even if you’ve sat through the Fancy Food Show seminars and workshops, you still have questions! Even if you’ve worked on Wall Street or owned a business before, you need to learn the lingo.

Get help from the only accredited Gestalt-trained Coach in the specialty food business. No other consultant in the specialty food business is specifically trained to offer you industry expertise AND accredited coaching services. Contact Deb now to receive coaching for your specialty food business.