Jumpstart Workshops for the Specialty Food Trade

Whether you’re new to specialty foods or have been in the business for 20 years, a customized workshop designed to your unique situation will help you focus your efforts to produce the results you want.

A workshop facilitated by subject matter expert, CoachMaz, will create a strong and workable strategic plan resulting in focused management decisions that accomplish the goals and objectives you set with your team during our time together.

Specialty meat businessNew Company Workshop: Start with your eyes wide open!

Getting started workshops are relevant and useful whether you’re just exploring, or you’re ready to launch your specialty food product. In this workshop, we focus on defining your launch strategy and determine costs to gain entry into your targeted channels. You’ll leave with clarity about who the players are and what their expectations of you will be. By knowing what’s expected when you make that first sales call, you’ll avoid costly mistakes, and you’ll have the confidence to negotiate the best positioning for your brand.

Emerging Brands Workshop: Keeping the doors open!

Emerging brands benefit from a workshop that focuses on revenue generation. Now that you have your product made and in some stores, you’ll want to refine your sales and marketing strategy. Supporting your brand with marketing is expensive, but expected. Knowing which programs to sign up for and how to track your ROI will help you make better decisions.

Legacy Brand Workshop: Setting new targets!

In workshops for Legacy brands, the focus is on growing to new heights by refocusing on what’s working and what’s not. Sometimes we lose site of our intention, spread ourselves too thin or chase sales that aren’t that profitable. By doing a deep analysis, we’ll create a stronger foundation for future growth. All of your team will contribute, making this a powerful blueprint for executing a strategy that everyone believes in and supports.

Jumpstart workshops for the specialty food trade facilitated by Coach Maz can help you achieve your business goals.