Specialty Food Career Development Center

Creating an exciting and rewarding career is a goal many of us share, but finding the right company and position can be challenging and time consuming. And if you later decide to change career paths, it can be overwhelming without an established network of contacts.

Specialty food business coaching

Working with a coach can help you find a new job or even a new field. A coach can help focus your attention on the important criteria, help you make the right connections and shorten your search.

Deb Mazzaferro has successfully managed a 30+ year career for herself, as well as many others, seeking a new position, or a change of careers in the specialty food trade.

Working with Deb you will:

  • Determine your values and strengths so your job search will lead to a more fulfilling new position.
  • Identify suitable positions in the specialty food business, review the qualifications, responsibilities and salary expectations and learn how to translate your strengths to the desired opening.
  • Create a resume that targets the positions you are looking for regardless of your experience.
  • Have access to her extensive network nationally and internationally.
  • Polish your interviewing skills, always putting your strengths in the best possible light.
  • Have her assistance in evaluating offers, and negotiating salary and benefits packages to determine the best fit for you.
  • Be coached during your first few weeks in your new position to ensure effective integration into the new company, and a smooth transition into your new team.