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Food Clique: A Unique Way to Approach Social Media

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How are YOU managing your social media?

Have you outsourced your Facebook page? Do you ever look at it? Do you think the number of “likes” you have is the definition of a good page? Do you wonder what Instagram is? Do you throw up your hands because of the fast pace of change in Social Media?

Is Facebook enough?

It is imperative for every consumer product company to have a Facebook page as well as their website. Less urgent and more time-consuming social media include Twitter, Intagram and Pinterest. Yet who has time or internal resources to manage all these moving parts?

Is the number of “likes” I have important?

Even when your company is present on these numerous platforms, are you growing your fan base and impacting your brand in a resourceful and meaningful way? In social media, it’s about engagement! Our posts get likes, comments and shares. And how do you know? We’ll show you the stats!

Expand your audience on Social Media

CoachMaz and NetWeave Social Network have combined resources to create a social media presence that will address the essence of online socializing. By creating a significant fan base of food lovers, our solution will provide a forum for activity that will draw on and increase your current social media strategy.

Food Clique is a unique consumer network

Food Clique is a foodie community designed to be interactive and attract the multitude of self described “foodies” throughout the continental US. Using Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, we will connect foodies who want to socialize over food, drinks, entertainment, travel, health and lifestyle.

We invest in growing the Food Clique community

This large audience drives quality content creating an experience and community where your products, recipes, and news will be appreciated and shared, driving brand awareness and sales. Every month we continue to grow our followers on Facebook, Intragram and Pinterest.

Add Food Clique to your existing social media strategy

You’ll maintain your existing web site and social media existence while enjoying the benefits of the large, cohesive community grown and managed by professionals to do your bidding for you in a more social way.

What do you get by being a Food Clique Sponsor?

We have a Community Manager who is a foodie, a mom, a health nut and just like your ideal customer in so many ways. She finds relevant content to post and links your Facebook page to it. You’ll be featured with a banner on Facebook and a link to your website. We create a board on Pinterest specifically for your brand, and name it something creative so that it isn’t obviously sales oriented. We throw in Instagram so you reach Millennials. Visit our pages below.

Food Clique - Facebook   Food Clique - Pinterest   Food Clique - Instagram

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