Deb Mazzaferro - Specialty food coach

Deb Mazzaferro

Specialty Food Business Consultant / Coach

Deb Mazzaferro (aka Coach Maz) has been the go-to-sales and marketing strategist in the specialty food industry since 2001. With her single-minded attention to revenue growth, she has consulted with over 160 companies on all facets of building and sustaining highly profitable and beautifully packaged specialty food products.

Having had an extensive, successful career as a National Sales manager prior to launching her own practice, she expertly guides companies to establish a results-oriented sales process that meets or exceeds all industry standards, protocols and best practices.

Deb’s unique team building approach recognizes that it takes more than great strategic direction to achieve success. Using her process, Deb’s clients become equipped to implement the ideal strategy that delivers all the desired financials with an action plan specifically designed for their product and resources.

Over many years, Deb has perfected a unique 2-day workshop that unites all stakeholders and aligns their roles resulting in all activities executing the same priorities. This proprietary approach was perfected as she completed an intense ICF accredited Gestalt coach training program. Coach Maz acknowledges: “This extensive two-year accreditation was the best thing that I ever did for my clients and myself. It showed me how to ensure my clients had the tools to stay on the path to success. Most specialty foods start off with great intentions, but the majority fall off the tracks without the focus to unite the entire team along with the business’s objectives and the primary goal of revenue generation.”

Coach Maz has been a featured speaker at many major specialty food events including the Specialty Food Association’s Fancy Food Shows, The Vermont Specialty Food Association, The Virginia Department of Ag Specialty Food Summit and New Zealand Trade and Enterprise conferences.

Her latest book, “Have the Most Successful Tradeshow Ever” is an industry bible and available for purchase.


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