Rachel Zemser

Rachel Zimser

Technical Food Science and Commercialization Consultant

The Intrepid Culinologist, aka Rachel Zemser, CCS, is a food industry consultant who has one foot planted in the artisan soils of San Francisco and the other buried deep in the world of R&D, manufacturing and food science. She travels the world attending food-related industry trade shows, media and press events, and participates in “local” Bay Area experiences, trying to figure a way to bridge her two worlds and bring great food to the masses. She has a B.S. and M.S. in Food Science, a Culinary Arts degree, and 20 years of food-industry experience.

Prior to being a consultant and food industry trade show junkie, she spent five years as the R&D corporate chef at Kagome Inc, a sauce manufacturer/supplier to the food service and restaurant chain industry. While in that role, her main focus was to keep her executive chef chain restaurant customers up to speed on the latest culinary trends. She did this by taking them on San Francisco culinary tours, participating in their ideation and brainstorming session and reading as many food industry trade journals as possible!

Rachel now spends most of her time educating start up food companies and formulating prototypes in her Burlingame, CA food science laboratory.


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