The Food Connector

The Food Connector

The Food Connector works with food manufacturers, distributors, restaurant operators and grocery retailers to plan and execute marketing and sales services.

We are food industry executives that work with food brands to enhance their message, improve their visibility and extend their reach through the foodservice, ingredient and retail segments.

With four decades of connection along the supply chain, we have the ability to understand the market, identify needs and create solutions to grow your business. We believe that marketing shouldn’t be used to fix a business but rather to help it grow; marketing is food not medicine.

Led by Edward Zimmerman, The Food Connector brings perspective across different disciplines of the food industry. Edward began his career in 1974 and spent four years in restaurant operations and management. He then worked in the retail deli/bakery business, where he set up and managed in-store operations for a 14-store chain. He had a 13-year career in the wholesale bakery industry and then did
consulting work for foodservice distributors and manufacturers for 5 years.

In 1996, Edward helped to begin a foodservice marketing group that became the largest pizzeria distribution network in the United States. Since the late 1990’s, Edward has been deeply involved in the sales and marketing of dairy products. He started and managed a national foodservice program for the California Milk Advisory Board and worked with dozens of cheese and dairy plants to expand their sales.
Other clients include meat and bakery companies, sugar and honey packers, foodservice packaging, non-foods, group purchasing programs and technology for restaurants.

Edward holds a B.S. in Economics and an M.S. in Administrative Management. He enjoys the outdoors, reading, playing the bass guitar and volunteering on behalf of organizations that feed the hungry.


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