Staying on top of your inventory, food costs, and production workflow is a real challenge when your food business starts to grow. When you start to bump up against some of the new rules and regulations around food safety and traceability, it can sometimes feel a little overwhelming.

Matt helps food business owners determine their best food manufacturing workflow and product costing strategies as they take their company to the next stage of the food business. Whether you are growing locally, regionally or nationally, it helps you make more money in the game when you know exactly what your product truly costs.

As the founder and CEO of Wherefour, Inc., he designed Wherefour’s ERP food manufacturing software to give food and beverage manufacturers of any size the same business analysis tools the “big guys” use. Prior to starting Wherefour, Matt founded several software design agencies that worked with consumer companies to build their brands digitally. Matt lives in the Sonoma county wine region of California and has an MBA from the University of Denver.


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