How to get Started in the Food Business

Video Series by Michael Adams
A steal at $99
Michael did it….started and ran a food business. He documented the whole thing. Success and mistakes. You’ll save a ton of time, money and effort learning from his experience.

Quickbooks Workshop

QuickBooks Workshop for CPG Brands

Online Class by Sari Kendell of Food Business Success and Kira of Heritage Bookkeeping
Learn to set up Quickbooks to record orders, create invoices, receive payments and run reports to help you run your business effectively and efficiently.

Sari Kimbell

Farmer’s Market Jump Start Course

Online Course by Sari Kimbell

Sari Kimbell

Pricing for Profit

Online Course by Sari Kimbell


Check out these expert books for those just starting out. On a tight budget? Spend a little green and the weekend thumbing through a couple of these classics by industry professionals. You’ll have an idea of what to expect and will ask better questions as you engage with co-packers, consultants, trade organizations and your local incubator.

The Food Business Toolkit for Entrepreneurs by Rachel Zemser

Written by a food scientist, this book includes everything you need to know about getting your product made, legally, safely and using co-packers. If you want to talk to her, buy the option that includes the book and a one-hour consultation. You won’t be sorry. Use Code CoachMaz for a 10% discount. 

From Kitchen to Market by Stephen Hall

From Kitchen to Market: Sell Your Specialty Food Product by Stephen Hall

Perennial best seller on how to take your concept from idea to retail shelf space. Recommended by O, Oprah’s Magazine.

Good Food Great Business by Susie Wyhsak

Good Food, Great Business by Susie Wyhsak

You KNOW you have a great product all your friends tell you so. Now how do you turn that into a great business?

Cooking Up A Business by Rachel Hofstetter

Cooking up a Business: Lessons from Food Lovers Who Took their Passion for Food into a Career ….and How You Can Too by Rachel Hofstetter

Case studies that describe the typical issues most food entrepreneurs encounter along the way to success. Author worked at Oprah magazine where many new products are launched.

Chocolate Chip Cookie School by Susie Wyhsak

The Chocolate Chip Cookie School by Susie Wyshak

The engaging history of how chocolate chip cookies became the favorite American cookie illustrates how to start a food business through critical thinking. Especially written for children, its lessons are a good read for those anticipating starting a food business.

Ultimate Guide to Copacking by Michael Adams

The Ultimate Guide to Finding and Working with a Co-Packer by Michael Adams

A co-packer can be your best friend or put you under. Get the 411 on how to choose and deal with the company you’ll entrust your recipe to.

Foodwork Jobs in the Food Industry by Barbara Sims Bell

Foodwork: Jobs in the Food Industry and How to Get Them by Barbara Sims-Bell

Having a specialty food product isn’t the only way to have a career in the food business. Learn what other options there are and hear from people who hold those jobs.

From Kitchen to Consumer by Bozzano G Luisa

From Kitchen to Consumer: The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Food Production by Barbara Nelson-Stafford

Soup to nuts….pun intended……on what to do to get your product to market, safely and legally.

People Before Profit by Ken Koopman

People Before Profit: The Inspiring Story of Bob’s Red Mill by Ken Koopman

Today Bob’s Red Mill is an icon leader in the natural food business; but read his story and you’ll understand that owning a business is a journey with twists and turns that don’t always lead where you want them to.

Sari Kimbell

WHITE PAPER: 10 Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

White Paper by Sari Kimbell