Does your entire team support the sales division, or do they look at sales as a necessary evil?

Does the accounting department harp on late expense accounts?

Does the finance department complain about margin erosion and sales promotion costs?

Does marketing create elaborate programs that don’t address sales input and concerns?

Does the production team complain about short deadlines and special requests?

Do any of these support personnel understand they wouldn’t have a job if it weren’t for sales?

Whatever your position, you have a profound effect on sales success in your organization.

Here’s how I work with teams to get everyone on the same page:

  • I do a deep dive into the numbers. This involves working with accounting and finance to get meaningful reports that provide a realistic view of the current situation.
  • Next, I meet with the entire management team; all disciplines together in one room and I review the numbers so there is no disagreement on who and what we are, who we sell to, what it costs and how much is left over.
  • Then we have a facilitated conversation about where to go next. Everyone gets to air their ideas. Everyone feels heard and validated.
  • Only then can we set a path that everyone agrees to. Each division understands the other. The whole team starts pulling in the same direction.
  • The sales team understands what is possible and what isn’t. They focus on selling what we have.
  • Ongoing coaching and company-wide meetings keep the agreed upon goals in focus and avoids backsliding. You will have support to navigate the implementation, measure results and make course corrections.

working togetherWhy do you need me?

  • Extensive industry experience specifically in sales and marketing
  • Analytical with deep respect for financial and accounting tracking
  • 20 years of facilitating these workshops
  • Unbiased – I don’t play favorites… together we uncover the truth of your unique situation and create solutions that take advantage of your company’s talents and resources
  • Proven track record with 200+ clients
  • 25 years as a successful sales executive
  • 20 years building revenue and profits for client companies
  • Certified International Gestalt Coach Program: Gestalt Center for Organization & Systems Development

This process works. Are you ready to get your team operating at peak performance? To see them working together synergistically.

Let’s get you on track to reach all your goals.

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