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Successful Tradeshow GuideBuy the guide to do it right:

  • Trade shows are expensive! Learn how to maximize your investment.
  • The show promoter provides you with a set-up manual, but it doesn’t tell you how to be successful.
  • Understand and articulate your show objectives.
  • Learn how to maximize your time talking to the right suspects.
  • Have a plan to turn your qualified leads into customers.
  • What should you do after the show to continue reaping the rewards of having been there?

Who do you trust?

  • Written by industry expert Deb Mazzaferro with 37+years of experience in the specialty food trade
  • Foreword by past president of the NASFT (now the Specialty Food Association) John Roberts
  • Introduction by B2B marketing expert, Bob Leonard of acSellerant Studios (see below)

Specialty food trade show guide

You don’t have to spend thousands on a bigger booth to stand out from the crowd. Buy the book to make the most of your trade show investment.

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“Have the Most Successful Trade Show Ever”

I attended my first Fancy Food Show in New Orleans in 1977 as an assistant buyer for Kaufmann’s department store. It was a perk for a lot of extra work that I did holding the department together while my boss, the buyer, was recuperating from a car accident. I was free to roam around the show, eat and drink and just be an observer. As a 21-year-old, I took full advantage of being in a party city and being wined and dined by the vendors who wanted to do business with my employer.

A couple of years later, I was promoted to the buyer position with the additional responsibility that required. This time I went to the show prepared with my category stats, sales numbers by vendor, and an open eye for new trends. This was a considerably different experience.

When I went to work for Richter Brothers as an outside sales rep in 1980, I was on the selling side, manning a booth. The expectations included getting my clients to visit the booth, writing orders, setting up and tearing down, following up with prospects plus attending sales meetings before the show.

My next stop was National Sales Manager for John Wagner & Sons, a 150-year-old tea importer and distributor. We exhibited in a 20’ x 20’ booth. The owner told me, “This isn’t a writing show”. My experience as a buyer and a sales rep proved differently, so I asked if I could change that. By having clear intentions, I was able to engage my brokers and teammates in writing orders to help cover the enormous expense of having a booth that size.

I’ve managed trade show booths in numerous venues for companies ranging from $500,000 to $7,000,000 sales over the years.

When I started my consulting practice in 2001, I saw that companies of every size needed help in managing the potentially significant opportunities trade shows offer. As a coach, I understand that each firm’s goals and objectives are unique and that defining their specific intention is key to creating a process that will yield the desired results.

With some strategic planning and execution before, during and after the show, you can have the experience you’re hoping for. I’ve outlined the steps for you in the following pages. I’ve included checklists and evaluation forms.

Here is a concise guide to getting it right. Follow these steps and you’ll have the most successful trade show ever!

Deb Mazzaferro aka Coach Maz

About the author: Deb Mazzaferro

Deb Mazzaferro - ConsultantI bring 35+ years of sales and marketing experience in the specialty food trade to my coaching and consulting business. Since 2001, I have assisted more than 200 companies in creating and implementing their strategic growth plans. Prior to establishing my own business, I had been vice president of sales and marketing for a 150-year-old tea company, an upscale confectionary importer, and a boutique winery’s olive oil and wine vinegars. I have a bachelor’s degree in retail business from the Rochester Institute of Technology, studied at the Culinary Institute of America in St. Helena, California, and am a certified Sommelier. I am a graduate of the International Gestalt Coaching Program at the prestigious Gestalt Center for Organizational & Systems Development. And I adhere to the strictest code of ethics.