Seminar by Barbara Langdon, Constant Contact and Social Media Guru

Where to get ideas for content?

  • FAQ by your clients, stakeholders, and constituents
  • Write for your audience, not for yourself
  • Case studies are GREAT

How do I get my email opened?

  • Limit the subject line to 5-7 words
  • Use numbers in the subject line: Like 5 Ways to Win Big; 7 Foods to Lose Weight
  • Make images clickable; Millennials click on pics
  • Add text to your pictures
  • Check out
  • Provide a “nugget” and a link to your blog for the whole content

How often should I email?

  • Monthly is good
  • Then post it to your blog so Goggle can “read” it
  • Most email is read on mobile devices, so be sure it is optimized for reading on a small screen. All content should be legible above the scroll. No scrolling needed to read the Logo/Picture, Message, Content (3 lines) and then the call to action/click here.

How often should I post on Facebook and LinkedIn?

  • 3-5 times per week
  • Google takes away credit if you post the same content to your web site as well as FB and LinkedIn, so change the heading, or extract a particular point to emphasize
  • You can likely turn one blog into 2-3 posts by breaking it up.
  • Check out

Stats on unsubscribing:

  • 38% leave because the content is boring
  • 32% complain that content is irrelevant and report as SPAM
  • Only have ONE clickable action per email….Constant Contact has stats that this provides the best response rate


  • Social media engagement: sharing, liking, commenting
  • Email: click through to web site, action item/purchase, full content
  • Fresh content on your web site/blog: Google SEO

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