Alternative sweeteners:

  • Honey
  • Organic Date Syrup: which can be used in baking, to make fudge, over oatmeal or plain yogurt
  • Agave: including chocolate sauce and butterscotch for your ice cream or flavoring your milk.
  • Sweeten Me: erythritol made from non-GMO corn, about 70% as sweet as sugar, seems pretty safe if consumed in moderation, doesn’t promote tooth decay, is low glycemic index, contains probiotics, zero calories, etc.
  • EZ-Sweetz: liquid sucralose (Splenda) they want you to believe it is all-natural but it’s actually chlorinated white sugar, which changes the molecules. There are free samples offered on their web site and a large range of products available.

Gluten-Free: this continues to grow and was seen in more innovative snacks.

  • MareBlu Snack Clusters: A nut cluster that is gluten-free, no big deal, but now they have a rice puff cluster with chocolate and nuts that was yummy.
  • Turbana Plantain chips: really fun, tasty. Gluten-free, no trans fats and cholesterol-free.


The term is used to designate food seen as permissible according to Islamic law. Primarily prohibits pork, certain methods of slaughter and some meats. Alcohol is prohibited. Quite controversial in the slaughter of animals, as it can be construed as inhumane.