Do you know where you want to go, but……..for some reason, you can’t seem to get there?

In life, in business…..we often make plans that don’t seem to pan out

Why is that?

We can blame circumstances; we can blame others; we can blame ourselves.

But most likely, it’s one of these:

  • Your goal is too vague
  • Your team isn’t all in
  • You lack some expertise
  • You keep getting pulled off course
  • Your assumptions are unwarranted

What are the solutions:

  • Vet your assumptions; do that market research. It’s the best money you’ll spend.
  • Take time to really refine your intention.
  • Hire a facilitator to bring your team onboard by letting them contribute to the decision and accept accountability.
  • Determine and hire expertise your team doesn’t have. Start with outsourced talent to keep costs down.

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